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Here’s where you can find every tract Ron Wheeler has ever created!

CartoonWorks.com Preview Gospel Tracts Page

For many years these immensely popular cartoon tracts created by Ron Wheeler have helped people understand
the Gospel message in a humorous way, and also place their trust in Jesus Christ.

Everywhere they are used the story is the same. “People will read these tracts when they won’t read anything else,”
is a common phrase from people who hand out these tracts. To read more testimonials of how effective these tracts
have been at presenting the Gospel, go here http://cartoonworks.com/endorsements.html#cartoons.

Now you can download and print any of Ron’s tracts, even the hard to find ones, or ones that have been out of print for years,
for as little as five cents a piece. All you need is a stack of paper, a paper cutter, a little folding, and you’re good to go.

For specific instructions as to how this works, go here.

Now if handing out tracts is new to you, or you are uncertain as to the effectiveness of tract ministry,
or you need some help encouraging others to take part, take a moment to read “52 Good Reasons To Use Tracts.”
Tract ministry can be one of the most effective methods of presenting the Gospel, especially when done with the
subtle approach and wry humor of cartoonist Ron Wheeler. These tracts are entertaining as well as powerful.