52 Ways to Use Tracts

A good tract is EFFECTIVE because it…

1    Offers a good way for responsible Christians to share the gospel often and widely.

2    Is so easy to give to another person with a smile and encouragement to read it.

3    Explains the gospel clearly and simply so the reader can make a decision to trust Christ

      if he is at that point in his understanding and personal desire to believe.

4    Goes anywhere with you—work, school, vacation, shopping, repair shop, eating out.

5    Can accomplish its purpose anytime—day or night, winter or summer, good times or

      bad, “right now” or “later.”

6    Can take advantage of a special event and activity—elections, sports, trick-or-treating   

       —by taking that interest and relating God’s truth to it.

7    Injects spiritual truth through specialized gospel messages during seasons—Christmas,

      New Year’s, Easter—when people are thinking about them.

8    Loves to travel—by person, by mail; it often gets read by more than one person!

9    Can be adapted to many other formats—newspapers, magazines, blogs, and online.

10   Costs very little, making it easy to purchase to give away.

11   Is so affordable it can be used in quantity, multiplying your witnessing ops.

12   Is “portable”—carry it in your pocket, purse, planner, notebook, laptop bag.

13   Fits into your normal routine of life if you’re living a consistent Christian life.

14   Uses a variety of design formats and styles that give you choices and favorites.

15   Addresses subjects that are current as well as topics that are timeless.

16   Gives God’s point of view about life and death issues.

17   Gets its point across in an easy-to-read, brief format suited for a sound-bite,

      texting, email generation.

18   Crosses educational hurdles and is available on various “grade” levels.

19   Can communicate in languages you don’t speak.

20   Crosses age and gender differences.

21   Doesn’t require a degree, special giftedness, training or experience to use.

22   Never changes or compromises its message.

23   Crosses socio-economic barriers.

24   May contain the only portion of God’s Word some people have ever read.

25   Never argues or loses its temper, never gets tired or confrontational.

26   Gives its message when the reader is ready to receive it.

27   Continues to repeat its message as often as necessary.

28   Crosses ethnic/cultural barriers.

29   Can start a conversation.

30   Reinforces what you say about the gospel in a conversation, talk or sermon.

31   Gets its message across when no conversation is possible—in a letter, with a bill

      payment, or when you have only seconds with another person.

32   Can address important subjects (when written by an expert) that you aren’t personally

      an expert on (science or pro-life issues, for example).

33   Can even communicate to a non-reader who gets someone to read it to him.

34   Generally adds its message to other factors from the reader’s past that may eventually

      lead that person to salvation.

35   Retains its message so the recipient can re-read it many times, if desired.

36   Can guide a person to trust Christ as Savior as he understands its message.

37   Provides a point of reference for the reader to find spiritual help by contacting the

      publisher, church, individual or website listed on the back.

38   Can be used in church neighborhood mailings and visitation.

39   Can be reformatted and used in newspaper ads, church community newsletters or

      community mailings at strategic times (Christmas, Easter, patriotic holidays, times of

      hardship or disaster).

40   Can be adapted for the web to get its message to people and places it could not or

      might not reach by paper and ink.

41   Makes an appropriate presentation to give with Christmas cookies (or gifts) to

      neighbors each year. An excellent follow-through to give to all attenders of church

      choral programs at Christmas and Easter.

42   Fits easily into bill payment envelopes, sharing the gospel with people you’ll never

      reach otherwise (as long as you pay your bills on time!).

43   Can be given to servers at restaurants after friendly interaction during the meal IF  left

      with at least a 15% tip (otherwise it probably won’t get read).

44   Can be handed to anyone who has helped you at a store, given you a haircut, checked

      you out at the register or just given you product advice…IF you’ve exhibited a

      Christian attitude during that interaction. 

45   Can be taken overseas on short-term missions trips in the language of the country

      being visited.

46   Can be used with youth and children's programs to make sure the gospel is clearly

      given and taken home for parents to get the message, too.

47   Works well as a hand-out during special community outreach programs and events—

      like Fall festivals, Christmas and Easter specials.

48   Can be placed on a business counter or office credenza for people to pick up if they

      are interested by the cover and/or title, in public places and businesses

       (in high   traffic areas and where people do lots of waiting) using handy brochure holders.

49   Can be included in disaster relief packages and Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets

      that are given to community families.

50   Directly addresses certain beliefs and religions—like Islam, Catholicism, Mormonism,

      —with biblical truth, comparing them to God’s perspective.

51   Can be included with Christmas cards and annual letters for a clear gospel witness.

52   Gives you the opportunity to share the gospel even in the briefest of personal

      encounters—toll takers, parking attendants, airport shuttle bus drivers, your doctor

      and his staff, and so on. In our busy world you’ll see many people next week that you

      may never see again, yet thanks to your use of tracts many of them can learn about

      God’s offer of forgiveness and the gift eternal life!

If you’re making a conscious effort to grow in Christ and be led of the Holy Spirit, God will give you many opportunities to use tracts for sharing the gospel every week…and usually every day, if you’re willing! Anyone can use tracts almost anywhere, almost any time!

Warning: Use with discernment. A tract will most likely be INEFFECTIVE when…

●    It is given to a server (or a bellman) with no tip or one less than 15%. If you don’t

     “believe in tipping” or if your practice is to tip less than 15%, please don’t use tracts.

   It is left with a tip by folks who have been dissatisfied, rude, picky or unfriendly.

●    It is enclosed with a bill payment that is late!

●    It clutters car windshields or shelves in stores!

When God wanted to reveal Himself, His will, and His plan for mankind, He chose print! If it’s critical for people to hear God’s Word, then it’s critical that they remember it: A tract is the finest portable pulpit known to mankind!