1)      Select the Ron Wheeler Tract you want to print. (Be sure to read the copyright restrictions below.)

2)      Purchase with Paypal or Credit Card and download the PDF file to your computer.

3)      Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. (Note: If you want to add your contact information on the back of the tract before you print, you might want to open the PDF file in a graphic program first, type in your information in the blank area, and save it again.)

4)      Print the tract to your printer. Start with one copy first. You may have to make some adjustments to your printer settings to make it print with a narrow white margin all around.

5)      Flip your paper over to print again on the back side. Start with one copy first to make sure both sides of the tract print correctly.

6)      If you only want to print one side of your paper, you can fold each sheet down the middle instead.

7)      With a paper cutter trim off the instruction panel. (Some tracts don’t have this.)

8)      With a paper cutter cut between the two rows of your stack of printed tracts. You may want to set the guide on your paper cutter to 4 1/4”. You will then have two stacks of tracts printed front and back.

9)      Fold each tract so the front of the tract is facing. For 8 panel tracts, fold each sheet in half horizontally and fold it in half again. For 6 panel tracts, fold one side in and then the other.

10)  Folded tracts measure approximately 2 1/2” by 4 1/4”. If you would like them printed larger take the PDF file to your local print shop.

Copyright restrictions: You may print and use these tracts up to 200 copies for personal and church use without any additional compensation required. The only alteration of these tracts allowed is the addition of contact information on the last panel. Any other usage of these tracts such as for commercial or promotional purposes, or any quantities printed greater than 200 copies, or any language translation or alteration of the art or text is prohibited without written permission from Ron Wheeler ron@cartoonworks.com.